I Dream Pigeons was created, when two long-time friends had the same vision of a unique online pigeon auction site. This site would be modern, user friendly and simple to navigate, while offering the highest quality pigeons from sellers with top reputations. Of course, customer service would be unsurpassed and extremely professional.  


i Dream Pigeons would like to thank Jim Gabler for stepping aside and giving Frank the opportunity to take this auction site and run with it.  Jim provided working capital with great ideas and vision.  Jim decided his job was complete and now will sit back and watch the site mature into the best the USA has ever had to offer.  Thank you Jim for all you did for me!  Frank McLaughlin

Now that the dream is a reality, buyers can bid with the utmost confidence, as our auction site and team only operate with the highest level of integrity.    

Frank McLaughlin has 50 years of experience in racing pigeons, and there is nothing he has not seen in the sport. With friends from all corners of the earth, offers some unique superstars and hidden gems regularly, throughout the auction season.  

Our sellers will also be selling pigeons with winners and breeders of winners, close-up in the pedigree. Performance, combined with outstanding genetics, is the most important aspect of selecting new stock.  iDreamPigeons is where every pigeon fancier can dream of owning the next great superstar and, possibly, changing our future in the sport. 

Dreaming about pigeons is part of this game and most of us dream pigeons more than we care to admit.  We dream for the next race, next breeding season, next convention, next pairing or even the next egg to hatch.  Living the Dream with racing pigeons has been what many of us have done throughout our entire lives.