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AU2019-AA-15761 One loft Kaanibaal Blood [ID: 1353 ]

  • Start date: 2020-02-05 12:00:00
  • End date: 2020-02-23 17:00:00
  • Shipping/Handling fee: $60.00
  • Current bid : No active bids
  • Total due incl. Shipping/Handling fee: $260.00
  • Published: February 5, 2020 12:04 pm
  • Modified: February 17, 2020 7:56 am

Description :

AU2019-AA-15761 - BB

SIRE: 24424 OX 09 “DIAMOND RIOS”. Inbred GS “de KANNIABAAL”.He has sired top racers & foundation  breeders with  multiple hens. In at least three countries

SIRE/GSIRE to; a/o

CHAOTIC- 14 th vs 3,500 + bds. SAMDPR HOT SPOT CAR RACE

HIS EMIENENCE- 1 st. in clock vs 708 bds.300 M TRIFECTA OLR. He led a 4 bird drop (17K) The 5th bird would not arrive for another 39+ min. 1127 YPM. His 1 st. baby sent to race was 1 st.eq., 2nd. In clock 6.5 sec. off win.. SoCo FUTURITY on a course so tough several flyers could not complete series due to losses.

HIGH ROLLER--.  WINNER of the $50 band GSWC HIGH ROLLER FUTURITY 300 M. Leading a 2 bird drop 3+ mim. Ahead of the 3rd place bird.HIGH ROLLER has 2 children currently flying in te GCHPA (Houston) ’19 YB Season. One is a multiple race winner including 300 M at ASSOC level and is currently at 10th in CHAMPION BIRD standings (1800+ bds/67 lfts.. The other has a 1st. eq win 2.5 sec behind it’s loftmate 200m ASSOC level  (800+ bds/67 lfts.15761 is a full sibling to the HIGH ROLLER COCK.

DAM(; of 15761 & 15737) 11425 WOWP 12 BB . Direct from very successful foundation inbred ROCKET pr. (son x gd) consisting of KLIENE ROCKET (ROCKET X DIAMOND RING both NATIONAL ACE BIRDS). & SURE BOOM gd of ROCKET. From Irish Syndicate’s foundation PAIRING OF COUNTDOWN & SURE GOLD.


11425 WOWP 12- 23rd. AVE SPD WAC OLR. 6 races to 400M. East (head wind) course. She is dam of a/o the HIGH ROLLER COCK. WINNER $50 band Futurity 300 M. leading a 2 bird drop 3 min ahead of 3rd bird. HIGH ROLLER COCK has young birds that are winning now. 2nd 200M 2.5 sec off the win and another currently 10 th. in CHAMPION BIRD Standings (over 1800 bds/ 67 lfts start the series.

SUN SURVEYOR 3191 09. 4 th./782 US Entries; 47 th.WORLD (7600+ bds intake) 350 M FINAL RACE SAMSPR. He was also TOP 5 % on the longest HOT SPOT CAR RACE. A top breeder of racers & breeders in my program prior to being sold over seas.


GONE WEST 7 th AVE SPD. WAC OLR 6 races to 400M. Head wind east course. Top Breeder.

2 Other Male siblings are producing are sire/gsire to top OLR Birds for Ron Moden & Dave Dudley, MODUD in multiple OLR events.


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