HERBOTS..One of the Very Finest!


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Special Note.  Herbots sent children to 1st National Winners and Olympic Ace Pigeons. Pigeons arrived late spring and are ready to ship and breed.  They are in super health and condition. All vaccinations up to date.  No auction anywhere in the USA can offer children to 1st National winners and Olympic Ace Pigeons. Thank you Herbots! 

Herbots is a name that is legendary in the sport of racing pigeons.  Few names in the history of our sport can compare to the name Herbots.  Herbots have had generations of champion fanciers over many decades.  Honesty and integrity is also synomymous with Herbots and you can ask anyone that has had the opportunity to visit, compete against or purchase pigeons from. 

We can place Herbots in the same breath the Janssen Bros, Jan Aarden, Stichelbaut, Vandenabeele etc.  History and major accomplishments are combined with Herbots.  The incredible part is the Herbots Family or Herbots Brothers may have decades of accomplishments ahead of them.  There is no let up with Herbots to own and race the very best.  They are not collectors but rabid competitors.  

I have visited Herbots many times over the years.  The breeding stock at Herbots is second to none.  I do not think you can find more National Ace pigeons, National winners, Olympaide pigeons and champions with multiple major wins under any other roof.  The selection is fierce at Herbots and the quality is on another planet.  

We are so lucky to offer pigeons bred from the pristine genes of the Herbots Breeding loft!  These pigeons are of the highest possible quality and ready to pair.  They are in Massachusetts and in just superb condition.  

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