Roger Persoons.. Belgian Champion!


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Roger Persoons..Belgium ‘A Legend in the Pigeon Sport’ 

Roger Persoons is a third generation fancier and has been racing since 1963.  His success came early on due to some sound guidance from his father.   When Roger was a young man his father pushed to select the best pigeons possible regardless of pedigree.  His father felt that the pigeons are most important and everything else was secondary.  Roger has always gone to the most successful middle distance fanciers and bought the very top pigeons.  This has continued through today.  Very few lofts can remain at top of the sport for nearly 60 years and Roger has no plans to slow down.   

Roger has always managed his own pigeons while working full time and has never been a professional pigeon fancier.  With limited time the Persoons results remained on the top because of the spectacular pigeons.  As Roger learned over 60 years ago the pigeons are most important and if you have great pigeons the sport becomes much easier. 

The Persoons strain is based on the lines of Jan Grondelaers (Hofkens based pigeons) from Opglabeek.  Roger was close friends with Grondelaers and brought in from the best, “Orleans”, “Goode Jaarling”, “Eenog Hofkens”, “Brive” and “Koninginneke”.  The Grondelaers pigeons were crossed with the Van Santen, Van Hee and Van Sweefelt birds.   

These pigeons have led to National positions and National Awards and Championships for Roger.  The Persoons pigeons are also very popular in Germany, America and England.  Most recently the Persoons pigeons have been winning in some of toughest competition against thousands of pigeons in Mexico.  The crème rises to the top and these pigeons are continually at the top. 

Roger selects pigeons with great balance.  He also likes good ventilation between 7th and 10th flights.  Roger likes a short bone between the body and wing and a short back wing.  Roger feels the shorter a back wing the faster a bird can fly.  He prefers a wing like a swallow.  Roger likes birds with vitality.  He likes muscle to vibrate.  The feather should be tight, soft, flexible and silky.   Roger prefers medium sized pigeons for the middle to one day long distance races.  

Roger Persoons life work is contained in his pigeons and adding a Persoons pigeon to your breeding lofts will eliminate much trial and error.