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ZA 17 JJJ 210 Proven Million Dollar Performer! [ID: 1354 ]

  • Start date: 2020-02-09 18:00:00
  • End date: 2020-02-23 18:00:00
  • Shipping/Handling fee: $60.00
  • Current bid : $280
  • Total due incl. Shipping/Handling fee: $340.00
  • Published: February 6, 2020 2:04 pm
  • Modified: February 13, 2020 10:38 am

Description :

ZA 17 JJJ 210  Blue wf Cock  'Laura's Legacy II'.  Here we have a proven Million Dollar Performer , that is full brother to proven Million Dollar Performers.  This pigeon is heavily inbred to 'Laura is a Big Winner Today' the 2016  break out1st Prize winner of the Million Dollar and also inbred to  the legendary Sun City!  Sun City bred two winners in the South African Million Dollar!  

Triple J Lofts is the most dominating South African Million Dollar Racer in the the world.  The pigeons are based on the top South African Million Dollar pigeons ever to race in the Million Dollar.  If you are focusing on one loft racing buy pigeons that dominate one loft racing.   Triple J dominates one loft racing!  Year after year Triple J has just poured pigeons onto the top of the race results.  Never will you see so many, major winners, champions and major one loft performers packed into pedigrees of winning one loft performers.  Triple J is taking one loft genetics to the next level.  Triple J results are not a one year stars align type of performaces.  The performances are outstanding every year. 

Jurie and Jurie Erwee of Triple J are so deserving because they are the nicest and  most sincere fanciers you will ever meet.  Special thanks must go to Mike Ganus for giving Jurie the opportunity to breed from these champions shortly before they left for the USA.  

These Triple J pigeons are for the first time in the USA.  Do not miss such an opportunity to bid and buy at a fraction of the true value.

There are no additional fees on the pigeons.  Importing pigeons from South Africa is very costly but the auction buyers are not paying these costs.

Keep in mind the Million Dollar Race is a genetics race and the Triple J pigeons have the pure cream of the Million Dollar genetics.  The results prove this.  There are two half siblings to 1st Grand Average Million Dollar 2020 in this auction along with brothers and sisters to the most winning pigeons in the Million Dollar over the last several years. When pigeons dominate one loft racing they are a special breed. When the same pigeons dominate the toughest and most competitive one loft race in our sport, even better.  These pigeons are making the Million Dollar Race look easy.  Imagine what they will do against lessor competition.  

The 2020 Million Dollar has finished and it was an extremely tough year.  Triple J not only won 1st Grand Average pigeon with Joan Osborne but dominated each race all season long.    Two and three pigeon challenge wins came easy and weekly for Triple J!  Triple J does this year after year.  Please look a the results posted from 2020, breath taking!

To view Joan Osborne Click Here   

For more information on Triple J Click Here

The pigeons are in Massachusetts and ready to ship.  There are no added fees to the pigeons.  Only fees are USPS Shipping and box. 

We can ship to Europe for $225 each, Taiwan $97, Philippines $95 and China $260 etc.


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